Tips to Keeping the Skin of Your Elderly Healthy

The elderly skin is highly susceptible to several disorders and diseases due to its weak thickness, elasticity, as well as specific illnesses that seniors tend to have. Among the primary issues that affect the skin of the elderly is congestive heart failure. Basically, it’s the condition where the heart fails to expel enough blood for keeping pace with the metabolic needs of your body. In healthy people, the heart is able to balance increased workload for quite some time, however, in seniors with this issue, it might have an ill-effect on the ability of the skin to heal itself. Due to these reasons, it’s critical to ensure the skin of senior citizens stays protected & healthy.


On the positive side of the equation, some skin disorders can be treated simply by adhering to some basic rules. Among the most critical steps is ensuring the person gets a nutritional and balanced diet. In case of any problems, a dietitian can help determine the best way of increasing the nutritional levels of your elderly loved one’s diet. If supplements are required, you can find various nutritional supplements both online as well as offline. These are available as powders, juices, and puddings that are delicious and easy on the stomach of the elderly.


Today, you can find quite a few products which can ensure healthy skin of your elderly loved one including:




Each one of us needs to ensure our skin stays clean and all the time and senior citizens are no exception. According to studies, skin which is gently cleansed on a regular basis is less susceptible to have issues and breakdown.




After cleansing comes moisturizing. Because of some disorders or the process of aging, seniors tend to experience a very dry skin. Hence, a quality moisturizer is highly suggested.



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It is crucial that you take special care of seniors suffering from incontinence. If the condition is kept untreated for an extended duration of time, it might cause the skin of the elderly to rapidly break down, in addition to numerous other issues.

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Wound care


This typically becomes a major issue for most seniors especially if the person is also a diabetic. A number of diabetics have tough time healing injuries and are required to stay extra cautious in regards to their skin care. In this case, your senior loved one might need stuff which can assist them in relieving conditions like skin irritations, burns, diabetic ulcers, etc.