Medicare Supplement plans: Learn more about them

According to the health experts, traditional Part A & B Medicare stands for affordable healthcare designed to provide medical security to seniors above 65 years and the disabled. However, people are prone to catching different types of ailments and diseases. Hence, there may be required to undergo different types of checkups and treatments. This only means they have to face steep medical bills and medication charges, something that majority of the people in this bracket may not be able to meet. Therefore, Medicare is found to be inadequate and tends to cover just 50% of the risk & healthcare related expenditure. With rising healthcare costs, it is found to be insufficient.

Introduction of Medicare Supplement plans

To bridge this gap created by traditional Medicare, there has been introduced different types of Medicare Supplement plans, thereby providing eligible people with the opportunity to stay medically secured. Since these plans are quite affordable and easily available across the country, the policy holders can avoid paying huge amounts on their medical bills and enjoy complete coverage.

It was in 1992 that Medigap plans had been introduced and administered by reputed private companies. They were standardized by CMS to ensure that all the Medicare Supplement plans across the country do offer similar type of benefits and features to its policy holders. Hence, prior to choosing a Medigap plan, it will be crucial to compare the different plans and choose the best one.

Eligibility criteria-find out more at

Any person enrolled with Part A & B of Medicare is automatically eligible to avail Medicare Supplement plans. Enrolling within the initial 6 months after turning 65, the person will be able to get insurance policy, without having to get screened by the providers. They are also eligible, even if they have any pre-existing disease. But after the 6 month period on turning 65 years, every person has to undergo different types of screening tests.

Premium cost

As these plans are offered through private companies, rates charged on the different plans are likely to vary from one state to the other. Overall, Medigap is an economical plan, offering similar coverage plans, if the person determines the correct plan which offers adequate risk coverage.

Presently, there are 12 plans available which needs to be gone through carefully and understood. It is only proper comparison that can offer respite from the otherwise huge medical bills. The right choice made can make the person to be medically secured and stay happy and healthy all the time.