Medicare eligibility and the different ways of applying for sign up

Qualifying at any age for Medicare is possible and accepted if you are a patient with end-stage renal disease that is a permanent kidney failure, or there is a need for kidney dialysis regularly, of if there is a kidney transplant. Apart from this, you must be receiving or must be eligible for the retirement benefits or should have worked for a longer period under the Railroad Retirement Board, Social Security or as a government employee for a long time to be qualified. In fact, you can be considered qualified for Medicare with your spouse work history.


Sign up for Medicare

Getting enrolled in Original Medicare is possible through the Social Security Administration or if you have worked for the Railroad Retirement Board.


You can also apply in the following ways through Social Security:

  • Online: Visit the and apply through the Social Security website. You can also apply for Medicare and retirement benefits at the same time. However, if you are not ready to retire, you may apply for Medicare.
  • By phone: Call the Social Security at 1-800-772-1213 from 7AM to 7PM (Monday through Friday.
  • In-person: Personally visit a Social Security office that is close to your residence and consider applying in person. Find the office location that is closer to your place by using the Social Security Office Locator.


If you have worked at a railroad, sign up for Medicare Supplement Plans through the Railroad Retirement Board.


Signing up for Medicare plans is easy at

Enrolling in the Original Medicare means you have other options and they include:


  • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans that is offered as Medicare Supplement Plans stand-alone prescription drug coverage working with Original Medicare.
  • Medicare Supplement plans, the Medigap, works along with Original Medicare and helps covering costs such as coinsurance, copayments, and deductibles.
  • Medicare Advantage plans, as an alternative way to avail Original Medicare coverage and it covers extra benefits such as a routine dental, vision, or prescription drugs.


These types of coverage requires enrollment differently and it includes your eligibility and the time to enroll. If you wanted Medicare prescription drug coverage or Medicare Advantage plans, directly sign up by contacting the plan.


If you wish to know more or get assistance in finding options with Medicare plan, they work suitably for your situation. You can also compare the options of Medicare Supplement Plans and use a tool accordingly to get the right choice of plan option.